Kick start

Last updated: May 14th, 2022


Docker & Docker Compose

Install Docker.

Lugo's server is available as a Docker container.

And, although the clients do not have to run as a Docker container, we recommend building your bots considering the possibility to run them as containers.

Install Docker Compose (optional).

Demo a game

You do not need to develop a bot if you only want to watch a demo game.

You may find instructions on The Dummies bot repository to run a demo game.

Starting a game

If you want to start a game for developing purposes, you may run the bots on the host machine (instead of running in containers). It is not required, but running them in your machine they will start faster and you will have more control on the bots process (e.g. for debugging)

1st - Start the server

The first step for running a Lugo game is starting the game server.

As said before, the server is available as a Docker Container, so you may run it using the command below:

docker run -p 8080:8080 lugobots/server:v1.0.0-beta play

2nd - Start the clients (bots)

The second step for running a Lugo game is starting the bots.

You must have two teams (home and away), but if you have only one bot you may play both teams as the same bot.

Each team must have 11 replicas of its bot running. So, after has started the server, you should start the players bot.

The Dummies Go

The Dummies Go is a implementation of a player (bot) for the Lugo game. This bot was built in Golang using the open source project Lugo Client Player for Go. However, you do not need to install Golang in your environment because The Dummies bot is also available as a Docker container in Docker Hub, so you may run a game match using this bot as described on the Demo Game section.

However, you if you do want to run The Dummies as a process in you machine, you will need to install Golang in your machine and then following these steps:

curl -OL && tar xf v2.0.0-beta.tar.gz
rm v2.0.0-beta.tar.gz
cd the-dummies-go-2.0.0-beta
./ home && ./ away

Developing a bot


You have two possible starting points to build your bot:

Modifying The Dummies

The Dummies is an open source bot that you could modify to make them smarter.

You may fork the repository and edit the logic the bot uses for each bot state

Using a Client Player

The project Lugo4Go is a brainless player bot that provides you a interface for taking the actions of your bot. Everything else (communication, constants, messages, connection, etc) is already handled for you.

There is no other clients developed for far, then you should develop you bot using Golang to use this client. However, if you want to develop a client using another language, you are more than welcome to develop a new client. Please read the Developing a client section.

Please, follow the instruction of the section Kick Start to develop you bot using this client.

Developing a client


Sorry, this section is not available yet.

However, you may find all information you need to develop a client player on the Documentation page.

You also may contact us at [email protected] if you need more details Lugo game communication.